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Incomepa$$® "The business side of creativity" & powered by Screenixx™ is a EDUTAINMENT platform. We are a community of creators, innovators, storytellers, trendsetters, influencers and more! Creativepreneurs are able to START, FUND, and SCALE their business into scalable ventures  by the support of a network of investors, mentors, influencers and industry experts (within: Tech, Media, Sports & Entertainment, Digital Currency, Real Estate, Cannabis, Fashion, Beauty & a few other Industries) to help expedite the growth of their creative business models.  

Meet The Creative Hosts.

We are here to offer resources and connections 
for your creative venture from Startup to Scaleup!

The Incomepa$$® Experience!
What To Expect

  • Weekly Newsletters, Announcements, Infotaiment Topics and Tips
  • Advice from key industry leaders that can expand opportunities for your business 
  • Edutaining materials to accelerate your growth and unleash your potential
  • Regular interaction via live-real-time web based seminars that allow you to network with peers and shine in a social setting from anywhere in the world
  •  Online classes and mini courses – from startup building, content development,  marketing and web design, to storytelling, leadership, portfolio building, +More
  • Recommended reads & listens where we curate the top reads, podcasts & media circuits, to help you on your creative entrepreneurial journey
  • Live Q&As with our founder Shelon Douglas and Colleagues where you can get your questions answered

The Focus.


To curate the world's best advice related to IP Creation, Brand Positioning, and Business Acceleration. In our community, we share infotainment topics, tips, resources and goal setting steps on how to start, position and scale your business startup venture and become a true BO$$ - Businesspreneur Owning A Strategic System

The Mission.


To help creativepreneurs build immersive brands that put them in position to raise capital and scale their startup business.

The Vision.


To be the world’s leading creative platform in transforming startup ventures into equitable brands.

The Core Values.


Diversity.          Equity.          Inclusivity.          Impact.

The Incomepa$$®Memberships.


Your Creative Tribe Awaits.

Members can sign up to the Incomepa$$® Community - and engage in immersive experiences with other creatives and industry influencers who share their expertise, hacks, tips, resources +more related to business models from startup to scaleup! 

Incomepa$$® Community Memberships:

Creative "Bronze" Plan: Begin the Incomepass® experience today by signing up below to Community "Bronze" Membership. This is the place for you if you want to build up your network of creative professionals! Whether it's through finding new connections or strengthening existing ones, this community offers so many benefits.

Incomepa$$® "Connect Up" Network Plan: Take your business to the next level with networking events in cities such Los Angeles, Atlanta, Vegas and more! At the Incomepass Connect Up events, you’ll get the opportunity to make serious connections with other creatives and influencers who have already achieved success in their fields. Signing up today will give you access to an invite-only networking space that only opens the door for people just like you.

Incomepa$$® "Plus" Workshop Plans: The Incomepass® Plus Plan is perfect for those looking to find a way to up their BO$$ game by attending one or multiple workshops. With this plan, you will get the guidance and support from our professional staff and workshop facilitators. These sessions are full of interactive exercises and hands-on planning tasks, so you can take what you learn apply it to increase your opportunity when coming up against the diverse challenges you will meet when working for yourself.

or (we offer)

Incomepa$$® SAAS Membership Subscriptions:

Members can also choose to sign up to the Incomepa$$® SAAS Platform - an innovative “Omni Channel” designed for creative startups for a more in depth set of solutions provided to ignite results by implementing the "action" steps with a clear path.
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all what we have to offer!

Startup "Gold" (SAAS) Package: From the beginning to where it's at now, creative entrepreneurs are positioning their startup and branding in order gain equity through influence. This level is for those who have already come up with a great idea but need help getting there.

80/800 "Platinum" (SAAS) PackageThe first step of any startup is to get funding, and this membership level helps you do just that. From building your Paydex score to 80 while building your personal fico score up to 800, you'll learn how to leverage with bootstrapping techniques. You'll also learn the pre-stage of business for 0 - 2 years as well as early stage companies with a history between two and five years. Whether your goal right now is getting started or moving up from bootstrapping mode, we've got something here perfect for what YOU need!

360 "Black" (Exclusive) Package: This level of membership is exclusive where members have to be vetted and approved before they can partake in the benefits designed for ACCELERATION with their startup, which includes receiving venture backing at seed stage or as aspiring investor to join our private investment group to grow their investment portfolio.

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